When was the last time you checked your Flow Control Orifice?


When was the last time you checked your Flow Control Orifice?

You may not even realize that your vacuum pump system has a flow control orifice.  This is, however, a critical part of your system, which controls the seal water flow to the vacuum pump.  This is a wear item.  It is recommended that flow control orifices be inspected every 12 months.

flow control orifice

Excessive wear will result in higher seal water flow rates than your pump is designed for.  This will result in poor performance and reduce the operating life of your vacuum pump.


1) Prior to inspection it is recommended that a spare orifice be available to install in case a replacement is needed.

2) Consult your assembly drawing for the location of the flow control orifice (this will always be in the seal water piping just upstream of the vacuum pump).  From the outside the orifice appears as a pipe nipple.

3) Disconnect the piping at the nearest flange or union to the flow control orifice.

4) Remove the flow control orifice and inspect it.  Verify that the neoprene orifice inside is smooth and still intact.

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