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Steam Ejector

Nitech Ejectors offer flexibility, simplicity and ease of maintenance. Our Nitech Ejectors are used successfully in these applications and more:
Power Generation
Steel Degassing


Nitech provides a wide range of liquid ring compressors systems for many applications. Complete packaged systems include everything from basic components to sophisticated PLC controls and process instrumentation.

Materials of construction include nodular iron, bronze, and 316L stainless steel.

Single and multi-stage compressors available.



Breathing air
Vent gas boosting/recovery
Fugative emissions control
Explosive gas boosting
Chemical processes

For discharge pressures to

22 PSIG – UP TO 9000 SCFM
28 PSIG – UP TO 1000 SCFM
110 PSIG – UP TO 100 SCFM
150 PSIG – UP TO 30 SCFM


Nitech designs and manufactures a complete line of Hybrid Systems. These are designed to meet the demands of the Geothermal & Conventional Power, Petroleum and Chemical Industries. Our Hybrid systems are custom engineered to optimize the combination of vacuum producing equipment for your specific application.

Hybrid Systems can significantly reduce the size and power consumption of the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps (LRVP) by decreasing the required compression range and taking advantage of the LRVP’s increased volumetric flow handling capacity at higher absolute pressures. This also optimizes the Hybrids efficiency for initial evacuation since typically only the LRVP’s are required to be operated. Utilizing ejector(s) upstream of the vacuum pumps is the key to enabling more efficient design of the compression staging. This also allows for designs which can achieve suction pressures far below the capability of LRVP’s alone resulting in systems capable of handling a much more severe range of operating conditions.

Nitech offers the following Hybrid system options:
Single and multi stage steam ejectors with Liquid Ring vacuum pumps
Air ejectors with Liquid Ring vacuum pumps
Mechanical Boosted Liquid Ring vacuum pump systems

Here are several advantages of Nitech Hybrid systems:
Custom Engineered systems
Lower operating costs
Reduced power consumption
Reduced steam consumption
Reduced cooling water consumption
Fully automatic remote operation (Integrated PLC control available)
Compact designs
Wide range of materials of construction available to meet your process requirements

Condenser air removal
Sea water deaeration and desalination
Crude tower distillation
Geothermal gas extraction
Chemical processing

Contact Nitech to custom design a Hybrid system to meet your specific requirements.

Single and Two Stage PumpsSingle and Two Stage Pumps

Single Stage: Generally used for low vacuum applications from 0″ – 26″ Hg (29.9″ HgA to 4″ HgA).
Pump capacities from 10 ACFM to over 12,000 ACFM.

Two-Stage: Specifically designed to operate in the vacuum range from 25″ – 29″ Hg (5″ HgA to 1″ HgA). Pump capacities from 10 ACFM to over 1800 ACFM.

Materials of Construction:
Cast Iron
Carbon Steel (on select models)
Stainless Steel
Hastelloy (on select models)


A Texas plant wrote, "We would like to thank Nitech for its outstanding support and service through our recent turnaround initiatives. I would like to acknowledge John Aglitz (Chief Engineer) and Rich Rosser for their help expediting our replacement jets. Without their help, we could not have succeeded in meeting our timelines for this project completion. With sincere appreciation and thanks. BT"