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Nitech is a world leader in the design of steam ejectors, liquid ring vacuum pumps and hybrid systems for the power, chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries.

NEW SYSTEMS – Vacuum System Design and Manufacturing

Nitech Steam EjectorsOur engineers design custom vacuum systems for varied applications to meet stringent specifications. All of our systems comply with the latest editions of The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI), Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association (TEMA) and applicable sections of the ASME Code and ISO 9000/9001.

We design 100% of our systems in-house, including instrumentation and controls.  This assures our  customers of complete, integrated design responsibility.

Our product offerings include: air ejectors, barometric condensers, boosters, condenser exhausters, deaerators, diffusers, eductors, fly ash conveyors, heat exchangers, hybrid vacuum systems, precondensers, intercondensers, aftercondensers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, steam nozzles, steam ejectors, surface condensers, thermocompressors, turbine gland exhausters, water box priming systems. READ MORE>


Replacement Parts

Spare Parts from Nitech


Your EXCLUSIVE SOURCE for Nitech Vacuum System Parts and Worthington Steam Ejector Parts. We provide parts for Nitech and Worthington vacuum systems. We can provide parts competitively for other manufacturers’ systems as well.




Technical Services

Technical Services


Industry leader offering superior technical consulting services to solve your vacuum system problems and save you money.

Call us for information on our consulting services for your most challenging vacuum projects. READ MORE>




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