Nitech Replacement Parts

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Nitech ejector system and vacuum pump system spares

Nitech Replacement Parts

Vacuum Pump Flow Orifices

Nitech Replacement Parts

Vacuum Pump Bearing

Spares for other manufacturers’ vacuum systems

Equipment upgrades

Nitech Replacement Parts


Nitech Replacement Parts

Condenser Drainers

Common parts are stocked for quick delivery

Prompt pricing and availability

Any size gasket


Nitech Replacement Parts

Actuated Valve

Guarantee that all replacement parts meet or exceed original equipment requirements

2 stage vacuum pump

Two Stage Vacuum Pump

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Typical Parts Available

Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump Bearing
Vacuum Pump Mechanical Seal
Flow Control Orifice
Drive Coupling
Pressure Switch
Temperature Switch
Level Switch
Check Valve
Solenoid Valve
Seal Water Pump
Seal Water Heat Exchanger
Heat Exchanger Plates
Sight Glass
Steam Nozzle
Steam Nozzle Extension
Suction Chamber
Steam Chest
Surface Condenser
Barometric Condenser
Gasket Set
Condenser Drainer
Relief Valve

and many more…