Nitech provides a complete line of vacuum equipment for the electric power generation industry.
Ejector air removal systems, liquid ring condenser exhausters, main condenser waterbox priming systems, deaerator vacuum systems, are available in any size or capacity.
Nitech has hundreds of installations in power plants around the world, including solar, geothermal and air cooled types.



Multi-stage Ejector systems for achieving desired vacuum level in solvent and moisture removal processes.
Valves and controls can be manual or automatic
Materials of Construction to suit your specifications
Nitech Acid Proof Ejectors can accommodate your corrosive process vapors.



Nitech Vacuum Systems can enhance distillation by the separation of liquid components using sub-atmospheric pressure. Many options are available, depending on specific process requirements. Ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pumps are ideal for this application, since they can handle large amounts of vapor.

Nitech vacuum systems allow distillation of temperature sensitive materials such as essential oils, aromatics, and fatty acids.

Materials of construction for vacuum systems can be tailored for your application. Carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and graphite (for acid-proof ejectors) are commonly used materials.



Single or Multi-stage
Stainless and/or Titanium Construction
Manual or Automatic Controls



Multi-stage systems with process controls
Skid mounted
Corrosion resistant materials of construction (including graphite) for all system components
Solvent Removal / Recovery
Nitech vacuum systems are available for removing solvents from processes or products for re-use or efficient disposal.
Process Vacuum
Provide low pressure environment for reaction control
Enhance de-sorption of gases and volatiles
Remove by-product gases from reactors and fermenters



Multi-stage systems are the norm in the petrochemical industry and Nitech will custom design a system for your specific needs.
Valves and controls can be manual or automatic
Materials of Construction to suit your specifications


Degassing – Steam ejectors have been used successfully to remove entrained gasses from molten metal for over fifty years. The removal of hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen by this method produces ‘clean’ steels with superior properties and a higher level of reliability, without the addition of ferroalloys.


A Texas plant wrote, "We would like to thank Nitech for its outstanding support and service through our recent turnaround initiatives. I would like to acknowledge John Aglitz (Chief Engineer) and Rich Rosser for their help expediting our replacement jets. Without their help, we could not have succeeded in meeting our timelines for this project completion. With sincere appreciation and thanks. BT"