Potential Air Leakage Location


When was the last time you inspected your system’s Check Valve(s)?

You may not even realize that your vacuum pump system has more than one check valve. These, however, are critical components. If your process isolation valve fails to operate during a system shut down the check valve upstream of the vacuum pump prevents air leakage into the main condenser.

A faulty check valve in the bypass line of vacuum pump will result in reduced performance of your vacuum pump.

The internal sealing material(s) can wear resulting in loss of performance in the form of air leakage. Pump damage, which is not covered under warranty, could result from a worn or unmaintained check valve. We recommend your check valves be placed on a scheduled maintenance plan with the frequency adjusted according to wear findings. Inspection protocol frequency should not exceed two years.

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1) Prior to any maintenance inspection, it is recommended that a spare Check Valve(s) and Gaskets be on hand to install in case a replacement is needed.

2) Contact NItech Inc.’s Spare Parts Department for pricing and availability.

3) CAUTION: Vacuum system must be turned off for inspection.

4) Consult your assembly drawing for the location of the Check Valves. The Check valves are located in the vacuum pump bypass line that leads to the separator tank and in the process inlet line just upstream of the vacuum pump.

5) Loosen and remove bolting as needed in order to facilitate removal of check valve(s). CAUTION: Piping may require supporting during removal.

6) Remove Check Valves and inspect them. Verify that the sealing gasket inside is smooth and free of cracks. Verify that the sealing surface is free of corrosion or rust scale. Replace as necessary.

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