Do your Steam Nozzles look like this?

These are the most critical part of your ejector system, originally machined to precise tolerances and surface finish. These are wear items. It is recommended that steam nozzles be inspected every 12 months.

Steam Nozzle 02 Steam Nozzle 1

Even minor amounts of wear will result in poor performance.
Inspection instructions:

1) Prior to inspection it is recommended that spare nozzles be available to install in case a replacement is needed.
2) Consult your ejector drawings for the location of the steam nozzles, which are threaded into the steam chests.
3) Be certain that high pressure motive steam is off prior to any disassembly.
4) Disconnect the steam piping at the nearest flange or union to the ejector steam chest.
5) Remove the steam chest and unscrew the steam nozzle. This is most conveniently done in a maintenance shop.
6) After removal compare your nozzle to the photographs shown above.

For information about your equipment or how to order steam nozzles or other parts contact Nitech Replacement Parts Department at 973-252-4430 (Ph) or 973-252-4320 (Fax).

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A Texas plant wrote, "We would like to thank Nitech for its outstanding support and service through our recent turnaround initiatives. I would like to acknowledge John Aglitz (Chief Engineer) and Rich Rosser for their help expediting our replacement jets. Without their help, we could not have succeeded in meeting our timelines for this project completion. With sincere appreciation and thanks. BT"